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Hallux valgus Schiene | korrigiert die Großzehenfehlstellung ✓ Stützt den Fuß ✓ geeignet bei Hallux valgus bzw. Ballenzeh ✓ erhält die Fußbeweglichkeit ✓

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  • Suitable for
  • Properties
  • Colour: white
  • closing type: velcro
  • Suitable for: Hallux valgus
  • Size: M (36-42), S (<36), XL (41-46)


The internationally patented Hallux Valgus Splint by Hallufix® was developed in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft and orthopedic surgeons to relieve pain and correct the malpositioning of the big toe (bunion).

The Hallux valgus splint should be used for light and moderate forms of bunion toes. This can delay or stop the deterioration of the big toe malpositioning. After a Hallux valgus operation, the splint helps to secure the results of the operation and shorten the rehabilitation period.

Hallufix advantages:

  • Corrects the malpositioning of the big toe in resting positions as well as when walking and standing
  • Supports the foot at every step
  • Shortens the duration of rehabilitation
  • Reduces the risk of arthrosis
  • Foot mobility is maintained
  • Protection and if necessary cooling of the sensitive bale area
  • Is coordinated with the Hallux Valgus Sneaker from UXGO



  • Size S (<36)
  • size M (36-42)
  • size XL (41-46)


The Hallufix® Hallux Valgus splint is easy to put on and can be worn on both sides. In contrast to rigid night splints, the splint can also be worn during the day under load (when walking).

In order not to impair the corrective effect in closed shoes, it is advisable to wear the splint in shoes with a wide forefoot area. The UXGO models in width H are particularly suitable for this. The gel side cushion can also be cooled - a boon for the sensitive ball of the foot.

Important notes:

Bandages and side cushions are wear materials and have an average service life of max. 3 months, depending on how often they are worn and when used and cared for properly. In case of heavy use and frequent cleaning, replacement at shorter intervals is recommended.

to the replacement set

Please note: We place a great deal of importance on the hygiene and safety of our products - and so do our customers. Hallufix® aids are worn directly on the skin. Return, refund or exchange is therefore only possible for these products in unopened and unused condition.

  • Colour: white
  • closing type: velcro
  • Suitable for: Hallux valgus
  • Size: M (36-42), S (<36), XL (41-46)
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What exactly is the V Effect?

The V Effect is an innovative shoe last that strengthens the natural V shape of the feet. While the heel is held firmly, the front of the shoe offers optimum space for the toes - perfect for demanding feet or hallux valgus.

What distinguishes this shoe from other UXGO models?

In general, all UXGO models are subject to the same quality standards and have the same properties. Only in design, color and "area of use" (Work/Daily) they differ.

Can I only wear these shoes with Hallux valgus?

No. Our shoes are specially designed to be perfect for malpositions like Hallux valgus or Hallux rigidus, but even if you don't have such a malposition, these shoes offer your feet exceptional comfort and effective prophylaxis.

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