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Shoelaces | white laces in various lengths ✓ machine washable at 40° ✓ 90 cm ✓ 100 cm ✓ 110 cm ✓

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You need spare shoelaces or just fresh white laces for your favourite shoes? Our shoelaces fit for every lace shoe and can be washed at 40°.

Price for 1 pair of laces.

Simply select the desired length. For shoes in the sizes 36 to 38 we recommend the lacing length 90 or 100cm, depending on whether you prefer shorter laces for tying or long ones. From size 39 on, the length 110cm is the right length for your shoe.

Note: From an order value of 10 € we will gladly deliver your selected articles to your home free of charge. If the order value is lower, we charge a flat rate for small quantities of 5 €, once per order.

  • Colour: white
  • length: 90 cm, 100 cm, 110 cm
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What exactly is the V Effect?

The V Effect is an innovative shoe last that strengthens the natural V shape of the feet. While the heel is held firmly, the front of the shoe offers optimum space for the toes - perfect for demanding feet or hallux valgus.

What distinguishes this shoe from other UXGO models?

In general, all UXGO models are subject to the same quality standards and have the same properties. Only in design, color and "area of use" (Work/Daily) they differ.

Can I only wear these shoes with Hallux valgus?

No. Our shoes are specially designed to be perfect for malpositions like Hallux valgus or Hallux rigidus, but even if you don't have such a malposition, these shoes offer your feet exceptional comfort and effective prophylaxis.

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