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Hallux valgus pain relieve – what helps?

from UXGO
28 September 2018, 11:38 a.m.

Every third woman knows it, the hallux valgus problem. Constant foot pain, rapid fatigue when walking or standing and then, of course, the pressure points that additionally hurt. Some women even complain of constant hallux valgus pain at rest. In order to effectively remedy hallux complaints, specialists take various approaches. As different as the severity and hallux valgus pain are, they also need to be treated differently. Hallux valgus pain, what helps?

Physical therapy and targeted strengthening of weakened foot muscles may be prescribed to relieve hallux valgus pain. Often, the therapist will show you exercises (toe exercises) to do at home, which can then be done regularly in everyday life. Orthopedic aids are also used to relieve hallux valgus pain, such as splints, insoles, bandages. Of course, the right choice of shoes also plays a very important role in combating hallux valgus pain: the shoe must fit and give the forefoot enough space. In addition, it is important to wear flat shoes so that the body weight is evenly distributed on the foot.

Affected persons with chronic and highly inflammatory complaints should in any case see a doctor. The appropriate medical or surgical treatment is then carried out in consultation with the patient.

How to recognize a hallux valgus!
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Physiotherapy & strengthening of the foot muscles


How can you actively relieve your hallux pain?

In addition to the classic and easy to integrate into everyday life barefoot walking, strengthening exercises can be done for the whole foot. But little by little. Barefoot walking: exactly! Just get out of shoes and socks at home, give the foot its complete freedom and thus relieve hallux valgus pain as well as relax the foot.

An alternative would be to briefly take off your shoes during a walk and continue without them for a few meters. In the garden. At the swimming lake. When you develop an awareness of this, many situations for barefoot walking suddenly appear. You will see, even if it tickles and stings at the beginning, the feet harden and get used to different surfaces again. The good side effect is that you also get your blood circulation going.

You want to know right away what exercises you can do to relieve your hallux valgus pain?

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To the exercises

Barefoot running is especially important for children!

Do not force your feet into tight shoes with a pronounced footbed! The muscles atrophy if they are constantly deprived of work by a footbed. Make children's feet strong, take off your shoes and go! Wearing barefoot shoes also has a strengthening effect on the foot muscles, thus preventing the development of hallux valgus and can relieve hallux valgus pain.

Toe exercises, that is, specific foot strengthening, can be done on one's own initiative: Folding the newspaper with your feet, grabbing a pencil with your toes and picking it up off the floor, all strengthen the muscles and round out the hallux valgus treatment holistically.

The following therapeutic exercises should be done under the guidance of a physiotherapist, because only he can correct and pay attention to the correctness of the execution. It is a small selection of exercises without any claim to completeness.


Our practical tip for toe exercises 

Auxiliaries: Theraband. The rubbery band is often available in the physiopractice by the metre. This can relieve hallux valgus pain.

Preknowledge: Our foot can move in different directions: tilting inwards (inversion), turning outwards (erversion), being pulled up (dorsal extension) or stretched (plantarflexion).

It is possible to make 3-5 x 20 repetitions per exercise.

In order to assess the entire body statics, it is essential that the posture of the hips and knees is also examined by an expert. If there is perhaps a muscular imbalance around the knee, this can lead to an X-adjustment and thus to an overload of the inner foot.

Exercises for internal rotation

The theraband is placed around the foot at the level of the ball, below the metatarsophalangeal joint of the big toe with traction from the outside. The exerciser moves the foot inward/upward against the resistance of the band: Tilt foot inward.

Exercises for external rotation

The theraband is placed around the foot at the level of the ball, below the metatarsophalangeal joint of the big toe with traction from the inside. The exerciser moves the foot outward/upward against the resistance of the band: Rotate foot outward.

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1. foot stretch

The Theraband is placed around the foot at the level of the ball with traction from behind. The exerciser moves the foot forward against the resistance of the band.

2. foot pulling

The Theraband is placed around the foot at the level of the ball and the metatarsophalangeal joint with traction from the front. The user moves the foot backwards against the resistance of the band.

Make fascia supple

A fascia ball can be used to make fascia on the sole of the foot and in the calf area supple and improve blood circulation. While doing this, roll over the ball several times and relieve hallux valgus pain. Circular movements and a stretching of the sole of the foot also make sense.

Loosen muscles with foot massage

In the short term, foot massage can relieve hallux valgus pain. In the long term, pure massage is not recommended, because nothing changes in the weakened muscles and tense fascia. It is better to use hallux valgus gymnastics exercises.

Proprioceptive training as part of hallux valgus gymnastics.

Balance and stability exercises on wobbly surfaces - pillows, boards, mats, trampoline. Try a one-leg stand or free swinging with one leg without clawing with the toes of the standing leg. Have something to hold on to nearby so you can hold yourself quickly.

Hallux valgus explanation and exercises in video

Orthopedic aids


Hallux valgus pain can also be relieved with the help of orthopedic insoles. Over the years, hallux valgus treatment with insoles, bandages or splints has become established. We will now explain what options are available here and when what is used in hallux valgus treatment.

1. insoles for hallux valgus treatment

Classical orthopedic insoles are available in different versions, they are individually made and adapted to the respective symptoms. For Hallux valgus treatment, for example, an insert with a firm or soft bed, more bedding or corrective, and a thin or thicker insert can be used, depending on the requirement. Hallux valgus insoles often provide short-term pain relief, but rarely lead to long-term success. They are manufactured with a thickening between the big toe and the second toe. This way, the big toe is brought into a pain-reducing position and the unpleasant hallux valgus pain is alleviated.

There are also sensomotor hallux valgus insoles that send stimuli – similar to those when walking barefoot – to the foot. Insoles may be made of leather or foam and are intended to promote the distribution of body weight and alleviate pain. If insoles are prescribed, the health insurance covers the costs, with some special insoles an additional payment must be made. Insoles cannot cure hallux valgus.

2. relieve the hallux valgus pain with the help of hallux valgus bandages

Bandages can relieve hallux valgus pain by reducing pressure on the ball of the toe and relieving joint strain. Due to their elastic material they adapt well. They can be worn under socks, pantyhose. and thus also in different shoes. This makes them more flexible than insoles.

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3. relieve hallux valgus pain with splints

Hallux splints are designed to stabilize the big toe in a natural position. There are day and night splints. This can reduce joint pain, straighten the transverse arch and maintain foot mobility. The breathable material is comfortable to wear. Splints are also prescribed after surgery to maintain the desired position of the big toe. UXGO shoes were developed in collaboration with the Hallufix® Hallux Valgus splint. In this way, the Hallufix® at width H finds a wonderful place in the modern comfort shoe.

4. relieve hallux valgus pain with toe spreaders

>Another conservative method is toe spreaders. They are made of particularly soft silicone that is pleasant to wear. They protect against pressure and friction, relax the foot and thus reduce pain. They have an effect on acute symptoms, but often not on a long-term basis.

5. relieve hallux valgus pain with home remedies and TCM

Home remedies such as cooling sleeves made of e.g. quark can also relieve hallux pain in some patients. Meridian treatment according to Traditional Chinese Medicine with TUINA (manual therapy of Traditional Chinese Medicine) can also help. Other household remedies or ointments can be used, but they never correct the hallux valgus and have a short-term effect.

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Relieve hallux valgus pain - with hallux shoes


To prevent hallux valgus pain from becoming chronic in the first place, attention should be paid to suitable footwear.

It doesn't make sense to just buy regular shoes one size bigger. Because
even if the forefoot needs space, the foot must sit stable in the shoe. If you slip back and forth in the shoe while walking, new friction and even unpleasant blisters will occur. With the right shoes you can relieve hallux valgus pain.

UXGO has set itself the goal of developing the optimal Hallux valgus shoe. The claim: shoes that really fit and are 100% designed for the needs of Hallux valgus sufferers. Hallux valgus relieves pain thanks to the innovative UXGO last with the V-effect. In this way, the foot has enough space in the front of the shoe and at the same time is stabilized at the heel. But we want more than just a functional and pain-reducing shoe: fashionable, stylish, durable and with an outstanding wearing comfort, UXGO shoes fly hearts shut. Run like on clouds!

Selected materials and elegant, fresh design round off the well thought-out concept. 
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Operative solutions for hallux valgus pain


Although the Hallux valgus op is performed frequently, it does not belong to the uncomplicated operations.

Surgery that goes well can relieve hallux valgus pain and correct posture in the long term. In the past, surgeons aimed to simply straighten the crooked toe or cut away the protruding bunion, but today they try to preserve the joint. To do this, surgeons use a variety of methods:

  • Resection, i.e. the shortening of the basic element
  • Conversion osteotomy, toe beam is straightened
  • Correction of the joint capsule, soft tissue correction
  • helectomy, in case of arthrotic changes bone spurs are removed
  • Arthrodesis, stiffening of the metatarsophalangeal joint of the big toe

In most surgeries, a combination of different operation methods takes place. Tendons, muscles and tendons are also straightened so that they do not pull in the wrong direction again. This is referred to as soft tissue correction. We have put together a detailed list of all common surgical methods for you here.

Get specific information about whether and which surgery should be considered for your hallux valgus pain.

The Federal Association for Outpatient Surgery e.V. (BAO) explicitly points out that, for example, an axis correction by means of bone dissection and insertion of a bone wedge is often not a standard procedure. Furthermore, the association emphasizes that the shortening of the basic limb is only carried out in exceptional cases today.

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How to get Hallux valgus under control optimally and effectively cannot be answered in general. Some people are helped by toe gymnastics, physiotherapy or barefoot walking, others may even be helped by natural remedies or household remedies. Fitting comfortable shoes tend to be an important factor to reduce annoying hallux valgus complaints. For severe foot pain, surgery may be considered. If a hallux valgus operation is performed without major complications, it can of course relieve the acute hallux valgus pain.

Alleviate Hallux valgus symptoms permanently is, how you can see, not that easy.

In most cases, timely training or correction with orthopaedic aids can prevent a hallux valgus in childhood, or better said, can help to prevent it. Unfortunately, it is often the case that nothing leads to an improvement in the long term. So how to relieve your hallux valgus pain is connected with “trying“.

How can you relieve your hallux valgus pain? Send us an email, keyword “Hallux valgus pain relieve“, with your tips and a reference to permission for publication, then we can prepare individual measures and tips for all others.

Important note:

This article contains only general information and must not be used for self-diagnosis or self-treatment. It cannot replace a visit to the doctor. In case of foot pain caused by Hallux valgus, make an appointment with an orthopaedist, preferably a foot specialist.