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orthopaedic Accessories for Hallux valgus

UXGO – orthopaedic Accessories

Deformations of the foot such as hallux valgus, claw toes or hammer toes can be bothersome and painful, so in addition to good shoes and exercises, there is also the possibility of supporting the correction process with aids.

In order to provide you directly with everything you need, you will not only find shoes and specialised texts with exercises, but also orthopaedic aids such as the Hallux valgus splint or the Hallufix Softies.

The characteristics of our helpers:

  • Corrects in rest positions, as well as when walking and standing
  • suitable for Hallux valgus, claw and hammer toe
  • Softies prevent chafing, skin irritation and pressure points
  • Separates tight and displaced toes
  • Very skin friendly
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