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Top 7 toe spreaders for your hallux valgus

from UXGO
04 February 2020, 5:13 pm

Your bunion is giving you grief and walking in any shoe is absolutely no fun because it hurts, pinches and rubs? Of course, one of the most important prerequisites is the right hallux valgus shoe that offers your foot enough space and allows you to run comfortably.
But what happens when the toes rub against each other despite sufficient toe room? This causes unpleasant pain, corns, calluses and often scraped-up areas. To prevent this, there are toe spreaders for your toe problem and for hallux valgus that restore sufficient space between the toes and provide relief.

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When is a toe spreader used?


Hallux valgus does not always have to be the reason why you need a toe spreader. Some women have toes that are very close together and rub uncomfortably. Especially then, it is poison for the feet if you put them into very tight or high shoes, whereby the toes are pressed together even tighter. Calluses and pressure points develop, which cause pain.

If you have a bunion, also known as hallux valgus, sooner or later the big toe will inevitably tilt towards the adjacent toe as the base joint shifts. In the case of mild or incipient hallux valgus, a toe spreader is absolutely ideal, especially since it can be worn in the shoe and thus in everyday life without any problems.

In the case of severe hallux valgus, a toe spreader will at most provide a little relief but will not improve the position of the big toe.

Relaxation for your feet: toe yoga with toe spreader

With the help of the toe spreader, you not only give your toes relief and spare them painful friction, but also train important parts at the same time. Your fasciae (fibrous connective tissue) are stretched and strengthened. As with yoga, which is all about stretching and extending, your ligaments and muscles are also stretched by the toe spreader.

Know: Special toe spreaders can also be used for hammer and claw toes and provide relief and relief.

Are you looking for suitable and pain-relieving exercises for your hallux valgus?
Here you can find out what you can do in the comfort of your own home!

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Ladies shoes in width H 

Uxgo Rose – bequemer Damenschuh in rosa Rose
Uxgo Leyla – bequemer Damenschuh in violett Leyla
Uxgo Amber – bequemer Damenschuh in orange Amber
Uxgo Yara – bequemer Damenschuh in hellblau Yara
Uxgo Olivia – bequemer Damenschuh in olivgrün Olivia
Uxgo Candela – bequemer Damenschuh in rot Candela
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Hallux Schuh Stella Stella
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What makes a good toe spreader for hallux?


The result of hallux valgus is usually painful movement. Therefore, the function of a toe spreader is to alleviate this pain and to provide a liberated walking and living experience.

What else can a good toe spreader do for hallux?

  • Pain relief
  • Relief
  • Stretches and strengthens fascia
  • Stretches ligaments and muscles
  • Prevents calluses, skin irritations and pressure points
  • Relaxes the foot
  • Can be easily integrated into everyday life
  • Fits easily into the shoe

What types of toe spreaders are there for hallux?


Not all toe spreaders are the same. Although they all aim to help you with your hallux valgus, there are toe spreaders in various shapes, versions and materials. They restore the natural distance between the toes and have to work differently depending on the severity of your hallux and the hallux valgus angle on the big toe.

Some of the toe spreaders also protect the ball of the foot.

In most cases, toe spreaders are made of silicone or gel-like material that wraps softly around your toes.

Pros & cons - the top 7 toe spreader variants in comparison

We will now present the best 7 toe spreaders for hallux in the following so that you can get an overview of what there is to choose from, what you have to look out for and what price segment the toe spreaders are in.

The 7 best toe spreaders for you and your toe problem

No. 1 - Yogamedic Hallux valgus toe spreader transparent

This toe spreader works directly where the problem occurs. It is placed around the big toe and brings it into its natural position and maintains the space to the adjacent toe.

(Click on the image to be taken directly to Amazon).


  • DERMATEST: very good
  • BPA-free
  • Soft-gel silicone
  • Covers pressure points in case of hallux valgus
  • One size fits all with perfect fit
  • Pack of 6
  • High quality


  • None known

This toe spreader impresses with its simple and targeted application and a great price-performance ratio!

No. 2 - Hallufix® Bale Protection PLUS

The Hallufix® softies bunion protector PLUS provides double protection. The sensitive bunion is optimally protected from friction in the shoe. At the same time, the big toe is separated from the 2nd toe by the integrated toe spreader. This combination guarantees a secure hold. Pressure points, chafing and skin irritations are avoided. The soft gel is kind to the skin and allows optimal adaptation to the foot.

(Click on the image to be taken directly to the product).


  • Optimal protection against friction for the sensitive ball of the foot
  • Separation of the close-fitting big toe from the 2nd toe
  • Secure hold due to the combination of the two elements
  • Prevents chafing, skin irritation and pressure points
  • Optimal adaptation to the spaces between the toes due to the soft gel
  • Very skin-friendly
  • Can be used on both sides


  • None known

No. 3 - High Pulse toe spreader sock

In contrast to the silicone toe spreaders, this sock stretches the toes much more easily and accordingly has less effect when it comes to correction. Nevertheless, it promises pain relief and pleasant wearing comfort.

(Click on the image to be taken directly to Amazon).


  • Suitable for: Hallux valgus, hammertoes, overlegs and foot pain.
  • Comfortable separation of the toes
  • Easy stretching of the toes
  • Fits shoe size 36-43


  • May not have the same effects as silicone toe spreaders due to their soft material
  • The sock is more suitable for toes that are close together or for gentle pain relief when walking. It cannot be used to correct the big toe.

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No. 4 - Sumifun gel toe spreader

Visually, these toe spreaders are inconspicuous and can also be worn in open shoes. They are particularly soft and adapt to the shape of your toes and provide a natural space between the toes.

(Click on the image to be redirected directly to Amazon).


  • Inconspicuous, as they are transparent
  • Hypoallergenic, odourless medical gel
  • 90% improvement in bunions and crooked toes
  • Provides more stability, protection and balance
  • Particularly suitable for diabetics and for pain relief
  • Pack of 10


  • Not particularly suitable for hallux valgus as this toe spreader is designed for the last three toes and therefore cannot provide relief on the affected big toe.

This toe spreader is mainly used if you simply suffer from crooked or overlapping toes. If you have hallux valgus, you should look for a suitable alternative among the toe spreaders.

No. 5 - Purava Hallux valgus toe spreader

Purava offers a toe spreader that can be worn by young and old. Take the pressure and pain away from you during the day as well as at night.

(Click on the image to be taken directly to Amazon).


  • BPA-free
  • With hygienic transport box
  • Softgel silicone offers the universal and perfect fit
  • Integrated bunion protection
  • Targeted relief & pain relief for hallux valgus
  • Can be worn during any type of activity without slipping


  • None known

A great solution for hallux valgus and closely spaced toes that cause pain. Whether barefoot, in a sock or in your hallux valgus shoes, this toe spreader will make you feel better.

No. 6 - Valgofit Hallux valgus toe spreader

Also one of the test winners at Dermatest (very good) and many special additions. A toe spreader that is absolutely impressive and relieves and supports you in everyday life.

(Click on the picture to be redirected to Amazon).


  • Gel pad silicone
  • Breathable bunion protection
  • Universal size from 34-46
  • Adjustable spreading effect on the toe
  • Integrated air holes that prevent sweat and blister formation
  • Incl. training band for your Hallux exercises
  • Incl. free e-book with exercises and information to protect your toes


  • None known

The toe spreader set offers you not only relief and improvement of your hallux valgus, but also an informative added value incl. training tape. The price-performance ratio is by far the best.

No. 7 - Haofy hallux valgus toe spreader

The last toe spreader variant we presented promises wearing comfort and non-slip pain relief.

(Click on the image to be taken directly to Amazon).


  • Non-slip silicone gel
  • Corrects and realigns toes
  • Gel cushion on the bottom to protect the forefoot and equalise pressure when walking
  • Very elastic and flexible material
  • Breathable
  • Washable and reusable


  • None known

This toe spreader is an all-round carefree package and should this not prove to be the case for you, you have a 100% refund guarantee.


In a nutshell, we can say that all of the toe spreaders we have presented are recommended. It is important for you to know which one is best suited to your needs. It is best to consult your orthopaedist or doctor directly.

Good hallux valgus shoes are a must, because only then will you have enough toe room and be able to wear your toe spreader in your shoes and thus in everyday life without any problems.

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Hallux shoes

Hallux splint vs. toe spreader

In contrast to the toe spreader, the hallux splint is a rather rigid construction that does not adapt to the foot as dynamically and flexibly. It also requires more space in the shoe and can sometimes only be worn at night.

There is no better or worse - find your individual solution!

Basically, you cannot say that a toe spreader is the better or worse treatment method, because it depends on the cause of the condition and the form and severity of the deformity.

This means that if you have hallux valgus, you should talk directly to your doctor or orthopaedic surgeon and find out which of the conservative treatments is right for you. You can then safely and consciously choose the right toe spreader for your problem and your pain will soon be forgotten.

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Discover our UXGO sets for a heel spur 

Why is our big toe so essential?

In fact, of our five toes, four are not of great importance. After all, we no longer have to cling to anything in our bare feet as our forefathers did.

Our toes are used for fine motor locomotion, so it is important that they are flexible. The most important toe, however, is the big toe. It is responsible for the rolling movement, balance and acceleration and is decisive.

Blocked big toe - blocked locomotion!

This is why foot deformities such as hallux valgus or hallux rigidus can lead to severe problems in locomotion the more advanced they become.

Since our feet and therefore also our toes are exposed to extreme stresses, taking into account that they have to bear our entire body weight, they are one of the body parts with the most complaints. Corns, blisters, skin irritations, calluses and ingrown toenails are just a few of the possible problems.

Take good care of your feet, because you only have one pair of them. With good foot care, the right shoes and, if necessary, a suitable toe spreader, your foot problems will soon be gone.

Sometimes you can help with a tape.
Find out how to tape your hallux properly in our article!

Hallux taping

We all don't have time to wear our toe spreader barefoot all day or just lie on the sofa and wait for things to get better. When the time comes and we have to slip into our shoes, it is best that they are designed so that we can keep our toe spreader on without any problems and still fit comfortably into the shoes and are not hindered by pinching and squeezing during our activities.

That's why UXGOs come in two different widths!

They are designed to comfortably fit toe spreaders for hallux, hallux splints, bandages but also insoles.

The UXGO advantage is that the shoe shape is based on the natural shape of the foot. The last with the V-effect runs in a V-shape in the direction of the toes and thus guarantees 100% freedom four your toes and plenty of room in the forefoot area, which is excellent for comfortably wearing a toe spreader in the shoe for hallux.

Furthermore, the shoe offers a sufficiently high upper in the heel area and thus ensures stable support and prevents you from slipping out of the shoe.
Here you can choose your dream pair!

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Do not confuse: Toe spacers are not toe spreaders

If you're thinking, great, I've already got a toe spreader for Hallux in my bathroom cupboard, we'll have to disappoint you. The soft silicone splint is really only suitable for painting your toenails cleanly and is 'only' a toe spacer, but does not help with hallux valgus.

It is best to consult your orthopaedist or doctor directly to find out which type of toe spreader is suitable for you.

Exercises for your toes

In the video you can see exercises that you can do at home at any time and thus act as a natural toe spreader. It is not uncommon for untrained muscles and weak tissue to be among the causes of hallux valgus.

A simple exercise that you can incorporate into your everyday life at any time is to spread your toes. Try to walk barefoot as often as possible, it's still the best profilaxis and medicine for your feet.

Get out of your shoes and spread your toes.

While doing this, sit on the sofa, at the table or at work. Hold this position for 20 seconds and then relax again. Repeat this exercise as often as you like to strengthen your toe muscles.

You can find out what other effective exercises you can do for hallux valgus in our Hallux valgus article on relieving pain.

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As in most cases, the good advice here is to react quickly when you notice that something is wrong with your feet. The sooner you take the right measures, such as wearing a toe spreader, the sooner you will get relief and can prevent the situation from getting worse. Of course, our articles do not replace a visit to the doctor. Always get good advice beforehand and find the right type of treatment for you that will lead to success.

Important notice:

This article contains general information only and should not be used for self-diagnosis or self-treatment. It cannot replace a visit to the doctor. If you have foot pain due to hallux valgus, make an appointment with an orthopaedist, preferably a foot specialist.

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