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Hallux valgus bandage - experience, correction & tips for home use

22 June 2019, 03:46 pm

Stabilise your toes with a hallux valgus bandage

It hurts, it stings, it tugs and not only on your foot, but also on your nerves. More than 10 million people in Germany suffer from a malpositioned toe, and hallux valgus is particularly common in women. Hallux valgus, also known as bunions, is usually caused by incorrect, too tight footwear, or results from a family predisposition. But what can be done about it immediately and which aids actually help so that a hallux operation can be avoided?

For a successful therapy and correction of the malposition of the big toe, there are various orthopaedic aids in addition to physiotherapy, home remedies and exercises for doing at home, which are excellently suited for a direct and quick measure. In addition to the hallux valgus splint, night splints, hallux valgus insoles and orthoses, we present the hallux valgus bandage as an effective and successful first aid. Handy, light, uncomplicated and practical, it is quickly applied to the foot like a sock and immediately helps to correct the malpositioning of the big toe and relieves your pain.

Are you looking for other tips and exercises to help relieve your hallux valgus pain?
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What are the advantages of a hallux valgus support?


  • Finally walking without pain again. Thanks to a hallux valgus support, the big toe is stabilised, the joint is additionally relieved and the toe is protected from pressure (e.g. from shoes).
  • Compared to a splint, the hallux valgus support distributes the pressure more evenly on the big toe, but you have to make sure that the size really fits. (Seek professional advice and have your foot measured accurately).
  • A hallux valgus brace is more flexible and inconspicuous if you wear it inside your shoe. This way you can still do everything without having to hide anything.
  • Unlike the brace, the support is usually made of fabric and can be washed at 30 degrees without any problems.


Tip: If you know you have a pre-existing condition, you can also wear the hallux valgus bandage purely as a profile. At night or at home when walking barefoot, it gives the big toe stability and relieves the joint at the same time. If you always wear the right shoes, you can prevent a deformity.

Are you looking for the right hallux valgus support?

Here you can find our favourites with advantages and disadvantages, prices and direct purchase options. Just click here.

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What does the bandage do for hallux valgus?


The hallux valgus bandage is a conservative treatment method and is often used for mild severity and primarily for relief. If your hallux is already extremely pronounced, a bandage is mainly used to relieve pressure and alleviate pain when walking in shoes.

Orthopaedic aid instead of Hallux valgus surgery

If you have just been diagnosed with a hallux valgus that is not too advanced, you can even correct the deformity almost completely with the hallux valgus brace and thus avoid a hallux operation. By wearing the brace, you move your toe back into its original position, give the joint support and prevent the deformity from getting worse and the ball of your toe from moving further and further out.

The sooner you start with the hallux valgus support, the more likely and greater the chances are that you will directly achieve relief and improvement of the deformity. If you specifically search for a hallux valgus support, you will automatically find toe spreaders. In the case of hallux valgus, toe spreaders especially relieve the middle toe, which is impaired due to the malposition of the inclined big toe. You can wear the toe spreader with your hallux valgus bandage without any problems. For a quick and successful improvement and relief, you should definitely wear the orthopaedic aids regularly.

Would you like to learn more about hallux valgus surgery?
You can find all about the operation methods, tips and procedures here:


We have compiled the advantages and disadvantages for you here:


Hallux Bandage

1. elastic and soft material

2. flexibility in movement

3. fits any shoe size

4. fits in any shoe (may lose effect in tight shoes, so always make sure your shoes fit - in size and width!)

Hallux splint

1. light and well padded material, for good cushioning

2. supports well after a hallux valgus operation and offers sufficient protection

3. rolling movements are possible if a joint part is present

4. is fully effective when worn in shoes (not every brace fits every shoe, some can only be worn barefoot). Can be uncomfortable if necessary).

What helps better - hallux bandage or splint?


There is a wide range of orthopaedic aids for hallux valgus. What helps best, what provides the greatest correction and can it really prevent a hallux operation? Basically, it has to be said that a hallux valgus operation is only an option if nothing else helps and has not helped until then. This is usually the case when the deformity is already very advanced and there is a severe deformation of the ball of the foot.

It doesn't have to come to that if you take care of your feet and, if you are diagnosed early and wear good shoes, counteract the whole thing with exercises and corrective aids in the form of a Hallux valgus bandage, Hallux valgus splint, night splint and so on. Which of these is right for you depends largely on the severity of the problem and your personal lifestyle.

Elastic and flexible for a stress-free daily routine

Bandages are usually made of more elastic material than splints. They correct the deformity by applying traction to the toe and pushing it in the desired direction. Splints are much stiffer and not quite as flexible. Some have a special joint so that a little room for movement is guaranteed. Basically, both aids reduce pain and correct the malposition of the big toe. Do you work from home and can walk barefoot a lot or do you have to wear shoes every day for work reasons?

In order to provide you directly with everything you need, you will not only find shoes and specialised texts with exercises, but also orthopaedic aids such as the Hallux valgus splint or the Hallufix Softies.


Discover our comfortable light cell models 

Uxgo Rose – bequemer Damenschuh in rosa Rose
Uxgo Leyla – bequemer Damenschuh in violett Leyla
Uxgo Amber – bequemer Damenschuh in orange Amber
Uxgo Yara – bequemer Damenschuh in hellblau Yara
Uxgo Olivia – bequemer Damenschuh in olivgrün Olivia
Uxgo Candela – bequemer Damenschuh in rot Candela
Fabia Flex Fabia Flex
Kira Kira
Hallux Schuh - beige Sneaker Leonie Leonie
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Felicia Felicia
Elena Elena
Valentina Valentina
Hallux Schuh Amelie Amelie
Pia Pia
Tina Tina
Sophia Sophia
Vanessa Vanessa
Greta Greta
Marlene Marlene
Hallux Schuh Stella Stella
Luna Luna
Marie Marie

Hallux valgus bandage test and comparison



Hallux valgus toe spreader bandage by Bunion Sleeve


This model is made of ultra-fine material and thus has both the advantage of a bandage that fits easily into any shoe and that of a splint, as despite the thin fabric, an optimal correction can take place. (Click on the image or link to find out more about the hallux valgus bandage).


  • For slight to moderately severe malpositioning
  • Supports perfectly even at sports activities like jogging, walking and Co.
  • With anti-slip heel
  • Consists of medium-hard and ultra thin (0.4mm) PowerNet-fabric, very elastic
  • Very inconspicuous, can be worn in shoe and even under socks
  • Available in sizes XS - XL (35 - 46+)


  • Tension not as strong as with a splint but nevertheless relieving and corrective


The hallux valgus toe spreader brace from Bunion Sleeve, is because of its anti-slip sole und ultra thin material ideal for sports activities and is definitely worth a try!

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epitact® Hallux valgus Bunion Correction Orthosis


Thanks to the flexible material, the hallux brace, unlike a rigid splint, can act on all factors that are significantly involved in and aggravate the malposition of the big toe.

(Click on the image or button to be taken directly to Amazon).


  • Extremely thin correction and support bandage
  • Enormous traction thanks to EpitheliumTM Flex technology
  • Degree of correction can be adjusted via positioning
  • Sizes S, M, L (determine size: measure circumference of foot behind hallux valgus)
  • Fits in any shoe and allows all-day wear
  • Suitable for right and left foot


  • None known


The epitact® hallux valgus bunion correction orthosis is very easy to wear under the shoe and helps the foot return to its natural shape. The hallux valgus brace has no known disadvantages and is our favourite!

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Correction bandage from BunionETTE Cinderella neo 2 in 1


The all-rounder among Hallux supports and a very good alternative to Hallux splints and Hallux inserts. Helps and supports not only with bunions but also with heel spurs.

(Click on the image or button to be redirected directly to Amazon).


  • Even distribution of balance on the toes (for correct pelvic tilt).
  • Reinforced heel and arch
  • Toe spreader at toe 1 and 5
  • Strengthens ligaments and muscles and also increases the longitudinal arch of the foot
  • Available in sizes XS - L (32 - 45)


  • High priced


The BunionETTE Cinderella neo 2 in 1 corrective support not only helps against hallux valgus, but also simultaneously combats flat and splay feet. The support is the most expensive of the three presented, but it has many advantages!

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Hallux valgus taping - a simple alternative to bandages?


With hallux valgus bandages, as well as with splints, toe spreaders and hallux valgus socks, the aim is always to stabilise the toe, to prevent further deformation and deviation and to relieve the surrounding toes and the metatarsophalangeal joint. Hallux valgus taping aims to do exactly the same thing. Here, elastic tape is used to pull the big toe towards the middle of the foot to counteract further deformation and correct the existing one.

What does a kinesiology tape do for hallux valgus?

At the same time, the pain is relieved because the kinesiology tapes stimulate the blood and lymph flow and thus stimulate the receptors on the skin. Unfortunately, this conservative form of therapy is rarely if ever supported by the statutory health insurance funds. Nevertheless, we do not recommend applying the tapes yourself without prior knowledge. In order to achieve the desired relief and improvement, it is best to seek the support and advice of a physiotherapist or your orthopaedist. This way you are on the safe side.

Tip in the Box:

Good to know: In addition to correction socks, Compressana also offers the Tape Loop. This correction loop works like a toe spreader and also helps to correct your deformity in a simple way. This tape is easy to put on without help by putting the loop around your big toe and pulling the other end over your heel. Suitable for everyday use, flexible and easy to combine with other orthopaedic aids.

Discover the Work Line from UXGO

Hallux Schuh - beige Sneaker Leonie Leonie
Felicia Felicia
Elena Elena
Scarlett Scarlett

Corrective socks for hallux valgus


Inconspicuous and yet effective. What is the best way to wear correction socks, what do they do and when are they suitable for you? This video introduces you to the Compressana Tape Sox.

Hallux valgus correction socks - easy and uncomplicated

Hallux valgus corrective socks are like the egg-laying pillow. They have the advantages of all orthopaedic aids such as the hallux valgus splint, the hallux bandage, the toe spreader and a tape. It sounds like the one true solution to all your problems.

But: Each of the positive effects occurs in a weakened form and thus has a lesser effect.

Thanks to their separated toe sections, like a glove, the hallux valgus correction socks have a natural spreading effect. This is of course much less pronounced than with a toe spreader. The fabric of the corrective sock dampens the pressure on the ball of the toe, but again much less than a hallux valgus bandage, which is either made of thicker fabric, silicone or gel and can therefore dampen and hold off a lot more. With sewn-in tapes and shaping elements, the correction sock is also intended to correct the malposition.

Corrective socks with tape vs. taping hallux valgus

The positive aspect is that, in contrast to taping, skin irritation can be avoided. The hallux valgus corrective sock can also be worn in the shoe and is therefore also effective when walking and standing.

Nevertheless, it has to be said: In order to properly stabilise the malpositioned big toe and gradually bring it back into the correct position, a better fixation and individual fitting of an orthopaedic device is required. Here it is important that you have a clear diagnosis and seek advice from your orthopaedist as to which aid is the most suitable for your degree of severity. Basically, for a comfortable feeling, slight relief and a little more support, you absolutely cannot go wrong with a corrective sock.

Not sure if you have hallux valgus?
You can find out more about the symptoms and diagnosis in this technical text:


Prevention instead of aftercare - the right shoe saves pain and sorrow


Of course you're not here to find out about Hallux bandages because everything is fine. But: It doesn't have to get any worse and you can share your experiences with friends and relatives so that at least they don't have to suffer that much. The shoes from UXGO are of course excellent for profilaxis and for happy and healthy feet. With the V-effect, they fulfil exactly what nature already dictates and leave enough space for the toes without causing painful pressure points, as is the case with many other shoes. In addition, they are made of high-quality materials that are breathable and stretchy and feel wonderfully light on the foot.

If you've already been diagnosed with hallux valgus, that's no big deal. You now know everything about hallux bandages and co. Together with the right footwear, nothing stands in the way of hallux valgus correction. You can get through the day pain-free and comfortably, and your hallux will soon be forgotten.

All UXGO shoes have been specially developed by experts for feet with hallux valgus!
Here you will find our fashionable and extra comfortable hallux valgus shoes, which are also wonderfully suitable for hallux splints (with width H) and insoles.




No need to panic.

Despite hallux valgus, your everyday life can be pain-free and worries about a hallux operation are a thing of the past. With a variety of orthopaedic aids, exercises and therapies, a deformity of the big toe can be treated very well in most cases and the deformity can be stopped and even corrected. However, always consult your doctor to find out which treatment method suits you best and what has the best chance of success.

Important notice:

This article contains general information only and should not be used for self-diagnosis or self-treatment. It cannot replace a visit to the doctor. If you have foot pain due to hallux valgus, make an appointment with an orthopaedist, preferably a foot specialist.


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