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Our family business combines 70 years of know-how of the Perpedes GmbH and more than 100 years of know-how of the shoemaker family Gros (Migi d.o.c.). This led to the development of the innovative UXGOSneakers with the V-effect. The product range includes the classic models with TPU sole, the featherlight sporty models with lightweight sole and the new Lifestyle Comfort - sneakers on bucket sole.

All shoes are developed by UXGO itself, manufactured exclusively in Europe and predominantly by hand.

The focus of our work is always the foot and its health. That's why every detail of our shoes is designed to prevent and relieve foot pain.


UXGO models are produced almost completely without inner seams, the Lifestyle shell sole models have a fine, barely perceptible inner seam. Friction or pressure points on sensitive feet are reduced to a minimum.

Featherlight on the foot – Light cell membrane

The low heel bounce promotes healthy walking without the body weight bearing down on the sensitive forefoot. This leads to a relief of the bones and joints.


Due to the natural shape of the forefoot, the V effect favours the natural extension of the big toe without constricting it. It is also possible to wear a splint for conservative treatment of the hallux valgus in H width models.


You will receive a removable footbed according to orthopedic standards, which contains a longitudinal arch support for a natural erection of your foot and a shell heel for good hold and a stable stand. The footbed material is antibacterial and antimicrobial, which prevents odours from developing in the shoe. In addition, the bedding is removable and allows you to insert your individual orthopedic insole.


All upper materials used are high-quality Italian leather. The diversity of the collection is reflected in the choice of materials used: from smooth leather and coated leather to perforated, suede or nubuck leather - UXGO uses only natural products. These offer the advantages of a high longevity. They are also breathable, easy to care for and absorb moisture.

UXGO deliberately avoids the use of stretch in order to prevent deformation of the sneaker in the forefoot area with a pronounced hallux valgus and to preserve the beautiful shape of the shoe. Furthermore, it is important to us that the foot has a good hold in the shoe in every situation.


UXGO sneakers are equipped with DryFeet inner material, an antibacterial and antimicrobial microfibre material that is breathable and moisture-absorbing. There is no odour development in the shoe, so you can wear your beloved sneakers on summer days without hesitation.

Vorteile von UXGO

Further advantages of the material

The slip strap is made of Clarino, a tear-resistant microfibre material. This material does not chafe through and can easily withstand frequent dressing and undressing.

An integrated flap padding serves to cushion the sensitive tension and protects it from pressure pain.

The choice of materials in the sole area is particularly important with regard to the total weight of the shoe and its durability. UXGO offers three sole variants: Models with TPU, shell or lightweight sole. The incomparable material composition gives the shoe its lightness and its durability depends on good abrasion values. The lightweight models in particular are light as a feather on the foot.



A small change with a big effect. On selected models, you get free satin thighs to create a new look. Do you prefer the classic sneaker or the extravagant, noble appearance?

The best: UXGO is not only chic! The shoes allow you to walk painlessly on any occasion with a variety of foot problems and malpositions:

  • Hallux valgus and Hallux rigidus
  • Heel spur (in combination with your individual heel spur insert)
  • Bend, countersunk, splay and flat feet
  • tailor bale
  • claw, hammer and rider toes
  • Orthopedic Insoles
  • Sensitive feet
  • Standing and walking for a long time
  • All who value their foot health

Bottom line


A second look is worthwhile, UXGO sneakers have many hidden talents that you only discover when you dare to look under the surface. You can feel the difference to other shoes above all.