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In Germany more than 10 million people suffer from hallux valgus and other malpositions. 75% of those affected are women.

Apart from hereditary disposition, weakness of the connective tissue or age, one of the most frequent causes is wrong footwear. The natural shape of our feet has a kind of "V-shape" - narrow at the back and open to the front. This can be seen particularly well with the feet of newborns or with the few barefoot running peoples that still exist today.

However, most shoe models ignore this natural shape and narrow the feet unnaturally, especially at the toes. Shoes with heels have even worse effects because they put additional strain on the forefoot. This usually not only causes painful pressure points, but can also result in hallux valgus and arthrosis.



The conservative methods for treating foot pain and malpositions such as hallux valgus are, for example, wearing orthopaedic insoles, a special hallux valgus splint or physiotherapy - and of course wearing health shoes. The dilemma: the functional purpose of these shoes can be seen for miles. Elegant shapes, fresh colours and beautiful design are usually not found.

This is how the idea was born to use the natural V-shape of the feet as the basis for a new last and then to combine it with a shapely shoe design that can be worn both at work and in leisure time.

The result: The V-effect. The last is the combination of volume in the forefoot and a slim heel, a fashionable solution for the free development of the toes with a firm stand in the shoe. Transferred to the human foot, the end points mark the heel as well as the inner and outer ball.



The focus of inguinal development was on anatomy and biomechanics of the human body. UXGO considers the natural proportions between the heel and the inner and outer ball of the foot. UXGO thus creates a unique combination of two shoe widths in one model: a fashionable slim sneaker shape in the rear foot for a firm hold, paired with a comfortable shoe shape in the forefoot area for freedom of toe movement and a healthy foot.

The special thing about these shoes is that no matter whether they are in the wrong position or not, their feet will love them. They adapt to the natural V-shape of the feet and offer your toes exactly the space they want. And they also look fashionable.

The necessary know-how and expertise for the development and production of the innovative sneakers comes from a proven company. For over 70 years, our family business has stood for the highest quality in the development and production of orthopaedic insoles, orthoses and therapy shoes and is known as a specialist for foot health.


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UXGO does justice to demanding feet and enables painless walking with a variety of foot problems without having to do without fashionable footwear:

  • Hallux valgus

  • hallux rigidus

  • Sensitive feet

  • Width feet

  • Bend-Senk-Spreizfuß

  • flat foot

  • claw toe

  • hammer toe

  • equestrian toe

  • tailor bale

  • All those, who value your foot health


The suitability of the UXGO sneaker for insole wearers deserves special mention. Due to the inguinal concept and the exchangeable orthopaedic footbed, you can wear your individual orthopaedic insole without any problems.



Healthy walking with the "barefoot" feeling goes thanks to the innovative V-effect of the top fashion UXGO sneakers. You get a high-quality and durable product whose development is based on decades of knowledge about orthopedics, shoes and health, a shoe with a mission. Because we only have one pair of feet.