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What is UXGO?


How easy it is to move to the music, to feel the beat in your body, to let yourself be guided. Every movement is guided by the music, rhythm and our heartbeat become one. People have always danced. Perhaps because we have always tried to overcome the limits of gravity.

This feeling of weightlessness when dancing inspired us. We set out to develop a shoe shape that "leads" like dancing, but without unnaturally restricting it. A shoe shape that takes up the natural shape of the foot. That's why we developed the new last with the V-effect.

What is the V-effect? The UXGO sneaker is not simply "wide cut". The UXGO last gives the foot enough support in the back. But the decisive factor is that a UXGO has more volume in the forefoot area. This makes it possible for the sensitive toes to roll off painlessly throughout the day. After all, every day is a good day to dance.


What makes a UXGO sneaker? It has three decisive advantages: first, it is very light and ultra-comfortable. Secondly, it is made of breathable materials, even inside the shoe. And third, it offers the V-effect for more volume in the forefoot area. In addition, you can remove the anatomically shaped soft footbed and insert your custom orthopaedic insole.

Feet are very different, so UXGO also has two widths. The UXGO comfort width offers more volume for the forefoot (width G) and is also waisted in the rear foot. The UXGO Comfort Plus shape corresponds to width H and offers even more volume in the front so that a Hallufix splint can also be accommodated.

UXGO is the ideal shoe after foot operations and for fast swelling feet. UXGO is suitable for Hallux valgus and Hallux rigidus, claw toes, hammer toes and tailor's ball.


The young company UXGO is based on know-how and experience of more than 70 years. This statement is only a contradiction at first sight.

UXGO GmbH, based in Kirchheim / Teck, is a subsidiary of Perpedes GmbH. In orthopaedic shoe technology, Perpedes stands for the highest quality in the development and production of orthopaedic insoles, orthoses and therapeutic shoes. Perpedes is a specialist in foot health. The UXGO footbed and the UXGO last with the V-effect are the result of decades of expertise in close cooperation with the Slovenian shoemaker family Gros (MIGI). The UXGO sneakers are designed by Claudia Prem.

Perpedes is now managed in the 3rd generation by owner Stefan Prem. The company has branches in Spain and Slovakia. Altogether approximately 180 coworkers are busy up-to-date, the by far largest part of it in Germany.